SessionCharts is a songbook app for viewing lyric sheets, chord charts, melodies, tabs and setlists.

Platforms and Downloads

  • SessionCharts is now a free Web App. It should work with any modern web browser but is being tested using Google Chrome.

  • SessionCharts is Open Source software. You can find the source code on Gitlab.


  • Chord charts with metric information (beats, measures, sections, arrangement)

  • Your choice of letters, Roman numerals, or Nashville Numbers for chords

  • Lyric sheets with chords and bar lines shown over each lyric line

  • Melodies for songs, or for tunes without lyrics, using numbered musical notation (jianpu)

  • Tablature

  • Define song sections (verse, chorus and bridge, etc.) and arrange songs without having to redundantly input information from prior sections

  • Automatic transposition into other keys

  • Capo directives

  • Setlists

  • Simple plain text formats for songs and setlists (no vendor lockin)

  • Lyric sheets in Chordpro format can also be used

  • Can import songs from the local file system and the cloud (e.g. Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Nextcloud, Tresorit).


Some example songs and setlists are included with the SessionCharts app. The songs are all in the public domain. Source files for these songs and setlists can be viewed or downloaded using the Examples link at the top of this page. The files are all plain text files that can be viewed and edited with any text editor. The example setlists cover a number or genres, including American old-time, Irish trad, traditional jazz and folk songs.